TOMAR and Bulletproof Diesel By Kolby Ashby

TOMAR colabs with Bulletproof Antenna Mount

March 2024 - TOMAR Electronics Inc. of Gilbert, AZ has concluded a collaborative effort with Bulletproof Diesel of Mesa, AZ to released a bolt-on antenna mount for VHF, UHF, or other radio bands in combination with a set of off-road safety, or chase lights.  The solution, which mounts on pick-up trucks of all brands between the high-mounted 3rd brake light and the cab of the truck, provides a streamline solutions for off-road enthusiasts or official vehicles which require rearward safety lights and communication equipment.

Innovative Solution: Bolt-On Antenna Mount for Safety Lights and Communication Equipment

"We were excited to hear about PBD's decision to include our RECT 16 lamps in their design.  These are self-controlled LED lights which have been used on everything from police cars, fire apparatus, service vehicles, and recently, off-road vehicles." Says Matt Murray, VP of Strategic Sales and Marketing at TOMAR.  "The RECT Series is air-tight using out patented T-Seal™, available in five different colors, and is very bright and focused with SAE J595 Class 1 optics. This means enthusiasts befit from first-responder quality, and first responders can add this solution to their new fleet pickup without having to drill holes in their roof.  We are very excited about the possibilities."

Bulletproof Diesel's Perspective: Solving Problems with Functional Design

"We are a problem-solving company" says Andrew Presley of Bulletproof Diesel.  "We needed a solution to help focus light for long-range warning and dust-penetration.  The RECT 16 from TOMAR was not only a great functional fit, but it's aesthetically pleasing design looks great on the mount."

Product Offerings: Options Available on Bulletproof Diesel's Website

On their website, BPD offers their Bulletproof Antenna Mount with TOMAR lights with or without a wiring harness; one or two NMO-based antenna mounts; and with your choice of amber or white center lamp.

Fleet Customer Options

Fleet customers can also contact BPD directly, at to inquire about custom lighting options, such as red or blue.  The optional harness allows plug-and-play operation, with two standard modes: Steady Burn or 120 flash per minute Flashing (CA-13 compliant flash rate).  For those who want a custom look, each lamp can be programmed to their end-user's specification via wire tapping.  The system also also allows for synchronizing of other external RECT lamps, programmed to the same flash rate.

Get your Bullet Proof Diesel Third Brake Light with TOMAR lights