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Infrared (IR) Lights

Our selection of Infrared LED light bars is specifically designed to meet the needs of military and law enforcement applications. These light bars feature advanced infrared LED technology that produces light in the non-visible spectrum, making them perfect for covert operations where visibility is key, but discretion is required.

Ground Breaking Infrared Solutions - TOMAR's TR™ Series brings the first-of-it's-kind flexibility to a modular, off-road style platform: 

  • Mode 1: Able to project intense white light, bright enough to provide high-speed illumination for fast-moving assets
  • Mode 2: Class 1 SAE J595 compliant warning lights for asset identification
  • Mode 3: A revolutionary third light source - 940nm Infrared (IR), for illumination using Night Optical Devices (NOD)

All this, from one, internally controlled, solid-state, IP67 and IP69K+ light bar.  That's TOMAR's Tri-Mode™.

Infrared radiation (IR), or infrared light, is a type of radiant energy that is invisible to human eyes but that we can feel as heat. Infrared waves have longer wavelengths than visible light and can pass through dense areas with less scattering and absorption. Thus, infrared energy can also reveal objects that cannot be seen in visible light or dark conditions.


We understand the importance of reliable and effective lighting solutions for military and law enforcement applications. Our Infrared LED light bars are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and performance, so you can trust that your equipment will perform when you need it most.