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Law Enforcement Solutions

Law Enforcement demands a lot from you – Your lights should provide the safety and reliability you need to get the job done. For decades, TOMAR has provided Law Enforcement Agencies around the world with highly-reliable, rugged, and powerful solutions to help you achieve your number one goal: Come home after every shift.

Keeping the public safe

TOMAR understands the danger associated with that “routine” traffic stop in the middle of the night or that seconds matter when you are called to a crisis. That’s why TOMAR prioritizes features in our lighting solutions that DIRECTLY help to reduce risk in these areas:

TOMAR’s Scorpion and Black Widow Lightbars feature some of the most powerful take-down lights in the industry, to help you perceive potential threats.

TOMAR’s STROBECOM II Traffic Preemption Emitters built-in to our lightbars give you over 2,500 feet of range to help turn traffic lights green, and get you to the scene safer.

Don’t let commoditization dictate your safety – Demand equipment which will stand with you on your shift, and a promise to stand behind you when duty calls.

LED Light Bars


Controllers & Preemption

How Does My Department Spec TOMAR Products?

In most cases, TOMAR can increase light output, reliability, and safety, while reducing costs. And because we manufacture our solutions right here in Gilbert, Arizona, our packages are built in weeks; not months.