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TOMAR NFPA Product Solutions

Quick-start guide to popular options found on apparatus governed by NFPA 1900

From our Dual-Mode™ Warning Lights, to dedicated powerful 12v Scene Lights, to rugged, metal-housed lightbars with built-in traffic preemption emitters designed to last as long as your apparatus, you will find everything here to increase safety, reduce response times, and aid in productivity at the scene.

Browse NFPA Solutions for your apparatus

NFPA Ground Lights

Designed to meet NFPA 1901 Chapter requirements.

Scene Lights

TOMAR builds Dual-Mode solutions which means virtually any warning light or lightbar can also be an additional scene light.

Revolution Series DOT LED Lights

3x7", 4x6", and 7x9" DOT lamps and packages

NFPA Warning Pairs

Pre-Programmed Lamps in 75 FPM Neobe Pattern with Phase 0 and Phase 1 part numbers for simple installation and performance.

NFPA Externally Controlled LED Lights

These lamps come from TOMAR in direct-control mode, meaning they are out-of-the-box ready to be controlled by an external flasher operating at 12-24VDC

970 NFPA Light Bars

Making NFPA vehicles safer and more reliable, for all those affected

Vehicle Controller & Sirens

 Push-button or slide-switch Digital Control Panel options

Traffic Priority Preemption Emitters

External, handheld, and built-in Strobe Infrared Emitters

TRX Series NFPA LED Fog Lights (6-30")

 Dual-color, amber and white light bars designed to help you see in any condition

TRX Series NFPA LED Brow Lights (10-60")

 Optimized with spot and flood modules for long range and wide light dispersion

TRX Series NFPA Pod/Step Lights (3-6")

Pod-style lamps designed for close-up illumination