Side by Side/UTV Emergency Response Packages

Built from our rugged TRX, TRT, RECT, and iLED Series, our UTV 360-degree Emergency Response Packages are designed to provide flexible capability for any type of signaling and illumination needs for your agency's side by side.  From warning lights, scene lights, and siren; to public announcements and night-vision-assisting Infrared (IR) illumination; you will not find a more comprehensive, durable, and tested emergency response light package for side by sides.  Thanks to the technology found in our patented T-Seal™ and Clear Vision Optics™, rest assured knowing your fleet's side by side will be ready for any crisis.

Currently available in pre-programmed, ready-to-install kits for the Polaris® RZR®, General®, and Ranger® as turn-key solutions designed for the US Military, DoD, and First Responders.

Side by Side/UTV Emergency Response Packages