Scene Lights

Intense doesn't begin to describe it...

Built to be tough, reliable, and sealed with our Patented T-Seal™, these LED scene lights are designed not only to perform, but to last as long as your truck does. Our in-house developed Clear Vision Optics™ make more use of every lumen to keep electrical-system fatigue to a minimum. And now with TOMAR Dual-Mode™ available to handle both warning and additional scene lighting, TOMAR has the intense, robust illumination products to help you get the job done.

Surface mounted - Choose our Revolution Series with 3x7", 4x6", and 7x9" options with built-in angled down optics to put the light where you need to see.

Recessed mounted - Our powerful TR Series provides a recessed solution inside our powder-coated aluminum housing.

Pole Mounted - Literally raising illumination to new heights, Aspire brings our TR Series to an industry-first independently aimable pole-mounted scene light series.

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