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Traffic Priority Preemption Emitters-STROBECOM II™

STROBECOM II™ Optical EVP/TSP Infrared Strobe Emitters

Optical emitters provide emergency vehicle preemption at upcoming traffic signal intersections and gated entries. Reducing response times in order to save lives and/or property in a proven, efficient & affordable way.  Emitters also allow transit vehicles timely maneuverability through traffic intersections by granting or extending green signals.

Potential Applications Include:

  • Providing high-priority or right-of-way for emergency vehicles at properly equipped intersections
  • Providing low-priority or sustained-green for transit vehicles at properly equipped intersections
  • Immediate access to gated entries (such as those controlled by TOMAR’s Strobeswitch™

Which Emitter Series Do I need?

TOMAR STROBECOM II™ emitters are available in two versions, depending on the emergency vehicle preemption system installed in the desired area of operation:

  • 3065 Series Emitters are used to activate TOMAR STROBECOM II 2000, 3000, & 4000 Series products and any other non-coded optical preemption and priority control systems.
  • T792HL Series Emitters are used to activate TOMAR STROBECOM II OSPOCV2 & DETOC Series, along with GTT Opticom* optical preemption and priority control systems. 
  • 3065B-20V & T792HLB-20V provide a handheld or versatile version for each style of emitter

Why Strobe and not IR LED?

A TOMAR strobe emitter puts out over 100 times more peak infrared power in its flash than a LED emitter does. The TOMAR strobe uses some of this peak power advantage to project a substantially wider beam, making it easier for an intersection or Strobeswitch™ gate access-point to detect an approaching emergency vehicle at higher off-axis angles. This also allows TOMAR emitters to have a standard performance rating of over 2,500 feet. All of this equates to vehicle preemption taking place sooner, decreasing response times, increasing transit efficiency, and providing more safety for the community.

*Global Traffic Technologies, GTT, and Opticom are trademarks of Miovision Technologies Incorporated and not affiliated with TOMAR Electronics Inc.

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