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LED Light Bars for Trucks-Work Vehicles

TOMAR recognizes your hard work and dedication to the job you take pride in. Since 1969, TOMAR’s mission has been to protect you while you’re hard at work. That’s why TOMAR offers rugged, powerful solutions to keep you safe on the job site, no matter what your budget is.

TOMAR Light Bars for Work Trucks

As an operator of a tow truck or wrecker, you are exposed to the same traffic hazards first-responders face when adjacent to the highway, or even on it. That’s why TOMAR offers the same rugged, reliable, and powerful warning and illumination equipment for the Towing Industry

A Commitment to innovation

Numerous patents on our designs demonstrate TOMAR’s dedication to innovation and our commitment to provide not only the best performing products but the most efficient products with the highest reliability as well. We could make our lightbar housings out of plastic, but we would rather give you something that’s as hard working and reliable as you are.

Pre-Configured Service Truck LED Light Bars

TOMAR has manufactured turn-key, ready to work Amber Lightbars, in both our silver anodized Scorpion or our black powder-coated Black Widow Series. Choose between just the bar; the bar and a budget-friendly 943 Control Panel; or opt for the 940 Digital Control Panel for ease of install, programming, and operation using the RJ45 Digital Connection Cable.

Customize your own Service Lightbar

Customize your own Amber Service Bar, thanks to our 970 Series' modular design: Options of 3 or 6 LED single color or 12 LED dual color front and rear warning/illumination modules; 6 or 12 LED single color or 24 LED dual color corner warning/illumination modules; and scene lights to the front, rear, sides, or 360 degree override with the most intense LED scene and alley lights available.

LSticks and Traffic Directors

TOAMR's 58" Pre-Configured Towing LED Light Bar is the ultimate solution for towing companies, offering a seamless plug 'n play design that ensures quick and effortless installation. Designed specifically to cater to the needs of towing professionals, this light bar comes fully equipped with all the necessary components, eliminating the complexity of setup and allowing towing companies to maximize their efficiency.

Revolution Series LED Lights

The TOMAR Revolution series signifies a true breakthrough in the realm of towing industry lighting. Going beyond the norm, this series offers more than just dual colors – it introduces dual functionality lights within the confines of a standard NFPA package. In doing so, TOMAR has propelled the lighting standards to an unprecedented echelon. Although other manufacturers may offer warning lights with dual and tri-color options, what sets TOMAR apart is its exclusive and patented Clear Vision Optics (CVO) system, ensuring illumination precisely directed for optimal safety in the vicinity of emergency towing vehicles.

iLED Series LED Lights

Dominate your safety using warning, illumination, and design! The iLED™ series delivers unprecedented functionality in an extremely rugged platform unlike anything else in the industry. It provides the best option to keep you and your team safe, even in the worst lighting conditions.

iLED Series LED Lights


RECT Series LED Lights

TOMAR’s LED Ultra High intensity RECT warning lights delivers a huge impact in a small footprint. With the RECT 13, 14, and 16 series, you get a one piece design made with Optical Lexan and hermetically sealed warning lights.
Designed for easy installation, the RECT series optics are designed to optimize the light spread either horizontally, or vertically using our mounting options.