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Possibly The Most Cost-Effective Solution to Achieve a Refreshed Fleet

Relighting Doesn’t Stop with Warning and Scene Light-heads!

TOMAR’s Fire and EMS solutions offer a complete suite of options, including full-size Lightbars up to 80”; LED Traffic-Directors; Ground Lights; Pole-Mounted LED 12-volt Scene Lights; and Brow Lights. Replacing these items may have just as much of a benefit, and can complete the updated look of your fleet vehicles. In most cases, the same low-draw benefits can be seen when upgrading to these modern solutions.


Add Traffic Priority Preemption with Ease

In addition to Warning and Scene Lights, TOMAR’s Scorpion and Black Widow Lightbars can seamlessly integrate TOMAR’s top-performing STROBECOM II Traffic Priority Preemption Emitters into a vehicle which didn’t have this technology before, or one with less-effective preemption. When ordered in a lightbar, TOMAR’s emitters are complexly self-contained and operated by the lightbar itself; and deactivated automatically when in Blocking Mode.

This Ambulance from Mercy San Diego was updated to TOMAR Revolution Series and TOMAR 975 Scorpion Half-bar with built-in Traffic Priority Preemption Emitter without any significant changes