Revolution Series Pre-Programmed Warning "Pairs" LED Lights

TOMAR’s pre-programmed R37, R46, and R79 Revolution Series Single and Dual Color Warning "Pairs" LED Light is designed to be plug-and play lamps which meet SAE, NFPA 1901 and 1906, and CA-13 requirements for emergency vehicles. No more wiring headaches with our Revolution Series "Pairs" pre-programmed lights!

Pairs Explained
The lamps are grouped in “pairs” by the end two digits. For example, a R37D-W-RW-01 and a R37D-W-RW-02 are opposite phases of each other. This means, when powered at the same time (such as the vehicle’s master emergency mode being activated), the lamps will flash at opposite timing. For dual-color lamps which have no “off” time, they flash opposite colors of each other.
This makes installation of TOMAR’s warning lights simple, without the need programming.