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970 NFPA Light Bars

Making NFPA vehicles safer and more reliable, for all those affected

When it comes to emergency vehicle safety, simply adding brighter lights is not synonymous with increased safety. Sometimes, more light output increases scene chaos and reduces visibility. TOMAR maintains that powerful solutions require responsible engineering, with all those affected in mind.

That’s why TOMAR’s Clear Vision Optics in all of our lightbars ensure not only the light output meets or exceeds industry standard, but that the light is focused where it is needed: Down the road and away from the scene. This is one more way TOMAR is making NFPA warning solutions safer for first responders and motorists alike.


TOMAR is committed to Clearing the Way for safer environments, by bringing tested and well-engineered products designed with safety above all else to the Fire-Fighting Community. TOMAR NFPA bars should be optimized for the application and use of large apparatus.


First, TOMAR modified the programming to have two primary warning modes, instead of three: A mode for Calling for the Right of Way (“Calling” mode); and a mode for Blocking the Right of Way (“Blocking” mode). In 2024, dual-rate warning systems will be a requirement of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) new vehicle standard – 1900.

Each of these modes is activated by a single trigger wire, which can also be progressive. This enables easy use of a park-kill (parking brake) feature to disable the Calling mode when the vehicle is on-scene, without the need for user-input. While the ability to have a third mode is present and can be programmed, out-of-the-box the third mode is set to “off”.

Scorpion/Black Widow NFPA Light Bars

TOMAR’s Scorpion and Black Widow Lightbars are already designed to be the most powerful, most rugged, most serviceable, and most reliable lightbars in the industry. Now with our standardized NFPA Light Bars, OEMs and Upfitters alike can enjoy plug-and-play solutions for apparatus builds.

The Scorpion and Black Widow NFPA Lightbars feature all the same qualities of the standard Scorpion and Black Widow such as patented hermetically-sealed modules which can be serviced in seconds; an all-aluminum housing; and optimized optics for reduced scene chaos and blindness; but now are pre-programmed to function specifically on NFPA vehicles. These pre-programmed selection is based on research and testing, and feedback from the Fire-Fighting Community.

Available Lengths

  • 21″ Black Widow/Scorpion NFPA Light Bar (Pair)
  • 26″ Black Widow/Scorpion NFPA Light Bar (Pair)
  • 53″ Black Widow/Scorpion NFPA Light Bar
  • 58″ Black Widow/Scorpion NFPA Light Bar
  • 67″ Black Widow/Scorpion NFPA Light Bar
  • 72″ Black Widow/Scorpion NFPA Light Bar


TOMAR’s employment of Clear Vision Optics optimizes Lumen output and reach, while reducing vertical stray light. Combining this with pattern and rate selection was key to optimizing the lightbar’s safety for NFPA-vehicle use and less chaotic scenes.

Calling/Blocking Mode

Two Flash Rates – designed specifically for you to meet NFPA 1900 (coming 2024).

In the Calling mode, the lightbar transitions and repeats three distinct patterns: Left/Right, Inboard/Outboard, and Alternating every-other module. From a distance, the change of pattern combined with the wide-sweeping alternation can more easily be seen by drivers, who are then alerted from further about an approaching emergency vehicle. The flash rate is set to 115 flashes per minute, meeting CA Title-13 compliance when used in conjunction with the optional CA-Steady trigger-wire.

In the Blocking mode, TOMAR has slowed the flash rate of the pattern down to 75 flashes per minute, and reduced the number of patterns to a single Inboard/Outboard pattern. This is used to accomplish bright, long-range warning, while eliminating the “strobe affect” which can be disorienting for first-responders and those around the vehicle on-scene.


The video displayed shows the above referenced patterns and rates. Note: The video does not show the optional California-Steady wire activated. Finally, all levels of TOMAR NFPA bars are standardized for installation and wiring, and meet minimum NFPA standards for upper Zone A warning in both the Calling and Blocking modes.

*Dimming of the light bar should still meet or exceed NFPA standards for safety. Consult TOMAR’s NFPA 970 light-output guide here to determine if dimming is appropriate.

Optical preemption emitter

Two Flash Rates – designed specifically for you to meet NFPA 1900 (coming 2024).

With INCREDIBLY strong infrared output from gold-reflected strobes, TOMAR’s optical emitters provide emergency or transit vehicles priority at upcoming traffic signal intersections and restricted gated entries from over 2,500 feet away, when properly equipped. The result is reduced response times and safer responses in order to save lives and/or property in a proven, efficient, & affordable way.

TOMAR is the ONLY manufacturing company who can provide you the Envelope of Safety™. Learn more about why this is important to safety and budgets.

NFPA Configurations

  • Meets NFPA Standards
    This configuration meets the NFPA requirements for light output, and is a cost-saving solution by eliminating excess electronics. This configuration only includes Warning Mode (Red/Blue)
  • Exceeds NFPA (without takedowns)
    This configuration exceeds the NFPA requirements for light output, by fully populating all forward and side module locations with high-power LEDs. This option includes only warning lights no illumination.
  • Exceeds NFPA (fully populated with takedowns)
    This configuration exceeds the NFPA requirements for light output, by fully populating all forward and side module locations with high-power LEDs. This option also includes takedown (illumination) spot-lights.
  • Dual Mode, Dual Color
    This configuration can switch from NFPA Warning Mode (RED or RED/BLUE) to intense, bright white flood and spot lights to illuminate your scene forward and to the sides. This innovation gives you more light when you need it.