Black Widow 970 Series Modular LED Light Bars – Automotive Tomar

Black Widow 970 Series Modular LED Light Bars

TOMAR’s Black Widow™ Series of LED light bars are built to be the most rugged light bar on the market, to answer the call when lives depend on it. By starting with the details in Engineering, we ensure Black Widow™™ delivers uncompromising performance no matter what the call. We begin with a sturdy extruded aluminum housing, cast aluminum end caps, and Lexan light modules to create unprecedented strength in design.

With the modular design and options of 3 or 6 LED single color or 12 LED dual color front and rear warning/illumination modules; 6 or 12 LED single color or 24 LED dual color corner warning/illumination modules; along with the most intense LED take downs and alley lights available; Black Widow™™ can be built specifically how your application and budget demands. Add a 2,500+ feet TOMAR-built traffic pre-emption emitter for a seamless, high-performance light bar which meets the TOMAR Envelope of Safety standard for safety of everyone affected by an emergency response. No other light bar is built like this, because no other manufacture can do what TOMAR can.

Black Widow 970 Series Work Truck Light Bars

49", 53", and 58" Light bars pre-programmed for work truck use

Black Widow 970 Series Towing Light Bars

LED light bars pre-programmed for towing use

Black Widow 970 Series NFPA Modular LED Light Bars

With our standardized NFPA Light Bars, OEMs and Upfitters alike can enjoy plug-and-play solutions for apparatus builds.