20" TRT Series Warning & Infrared LED Light Bar

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TOMAR's 20" TRT Series Warning & Infrared LED Light Bar combines superior illumination with the ability to warning of potential hazards using superior and efficient optics.

Featuring a multi-function design with programmable warning patterns and functions, the 20" TRT Series Warning & Infrared LED Light Bar can be customized to suit a variety of lighting needs. And with powerful infrared illumination capabilities, this light bar delivers enhanced visibility in low-light and no-light conditions, making it ideal for use in nighttime or emergency situations.
TOMAR’s 15" multi-function TRT Infrared (IR) LED light bar is the answer to industrial-strength and flexible lighting solutions.


The TRT Line is about mission adaptability between warning and illumination. This bar maintains the ability to project intense white light or 940nm infrared light; but can also function as a SAE-compliant warning light bar, which also meets CA Title 13 standards for 50-state compliance.

For covert operations where maintaining secrecy is critical, the IR mode provides stealth illumination that is invisible to the naked eye.


  • These off-road light bars are designed and built to be both extremely rugged and reliable for the United States Military; Special Forces; DoD; and First Responders. For flexibility to meet the mission parameters of varying assets.
  • Our TR Series Lamps feature a special hard-coating process for increased ultraviolet (UV) and environmental protection, ensuring they are good-to-go regardless of where you use them.
  • Multi-function modes individually activated: TRT gives all-modules SAE compliant warning in steady burn or up-to 20 programmable flash patterns, each with 8 selectable flash rates; intense white light for illumination; or stealth illumination with IR
  • Utilizes 940nm Infrared (IR) LED lights
  • Features four field-interchangeable lamp modules
  • Heavy-duty 6063-T5 aluminum chassis
  • Programmable flash patterns meet 50-state compliance
  • 69K Rating for water and dust-proof components
  • Rugged anodize finish
  • Patented linear vibration welded light modules eliminate the need for failure-prone rubber sealing agent
  • Current draw: .85 amps @ +12.8VDC per IR module .46 amps @ +24VDC per IR module
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +60°C
  • Heavy-duty 6063-T5 Aluminum Heatsink for maximum intensity over long periods
  • TAN or Black Finish available
  • Assembled in-house at TOMAR headquarters located in Gilbert, Arizona, USA.
    • WHITE FLOOD: 85°
    • WHITE SPOT: 6.5°
    • IR FLOOD: 90°
    • IR SPOT: 8.5°


  • Number of Modules: 4
  • Number of LEDs: 12
  • Configuration: Warning & Infrared (IR)
  • Size: 20"
  • Max Amp Draw: 4.2
  • IR Amp Draw: .85 amps @ +12.8VDC per IR module .46 amps @ +24VDC per IR module
  • Peak Candela – White: 79630
  • Raw Lumens – White: 5520
  • White Distance at 1 LUX: 282
  • White Distance at .25 LUX: 564

TOMAR TRT Warning & Infrared Line Functionality

  • Group 1: All white lights steady burn (override priority)
  • Group 2: All IR (940nm) LED lights steady burn
  • Group 3: All warning lights flash (all modules) with optional California-steady
  • Group 4: All warning modules steady burn (all modules)
  • What is steady burn? Steady burn means that the light is always on, no flashing

Performance Through Engineering

Starting with the industry-leading Cree® XPL LEDs for maximum performance and reliability for visible light; and LumiLEDs® Luxeon Series 940nm infrared LEDs, the TRX Series is a proven performer in the harshest environments. To maximize the effectiveness of every LED, TOMAR’s employs a hybrid TIR collimator optic design, rather than a reflector behind, which does not effectively capture the illuminating power of the LED.

By doing this, TOMAR off-road bars are able to effectively project more of the LED’s lumens exactly where the light needs to go. This means dramatically increased performance when compared to equal amounts of lumens, and less glare from stray vertical light.

We seal the optics and electronics using our patented linear-vibration welding sealing process, protecting the components from dust and moisture, in one of four optical configurations: Spot, Flood, Composite or Flood/Spot.


What is the The TOMAR Difference?

TOMAR manufacturers some of the longest lasting, highest performing automotive warning and illumination lighting in the industry. Some of the technology which sets TOMAR apart from the rest can be found in our patented T-Seal™ and performance-based Clear Vision Optics™.

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