40" TRX Series Dual-Color Infrared LED Light Bar (White, IR, & Amber)

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The 40" TRX Series Dual-Color Multi-Function Infrared LED Light Bar is a versatile off-road LED lighting solution that provides three different lighting modes for various situations. With its white, IR, and amber LED lights, this off-road modular designed LED light bar allows you to choose the appropriate lighting mode based on the case or your needs.

When you need to improve visibility in low-visibility conditions, the amber light mode provides a subtle and less intrusive light that can help increase safety. If you require maximum illumination, such as for search and rescue operations or outdoor activities in the dark, the intense white light mode will provide the brightness you need.

For covert operations where maintaining secrecy is critical, the IR mode provides stealth illumination that is invisible to the naked eye.


  • FRONT BUMPER: A popular location to mount a 40 inch LED light bar is on the front bumper of a vehicle. This provides additional lighting for off-road driving, and can also serve as a great spotlight for work vehicles such as tow trucks or utility vehicles
  • ROOF RACK: A 40" LED Lightbar is perfect for mounting onto the roof of your Truck, SUV, or Side by Site/UTV.
  • This can also be mounted on a UTV or side by side and serve as a primary illuminating light bar.


What sets the TRX light bars apart is its true amber/white dual-color modules. This feature is essentially gives you two lightbars in one housing.
With true amber/white dual-color modules, the TRX provides unbeatable visibility in weather conditions. The amber override feature allows you to switch from white to amber light output, making it ideal for foggy, smoky, or rainy conditions where traditional white light can be too bright and reflective.
This feature is crucial for off-road vehicles requiring maximum visibility to navigate challenging terrain.

The dual-color mode feature is achieved using separate groups of LED lights for each color. When you switch from one color to another, the power supply to the corresponding group of LEDs is activated or deactivated. This allows the user to easily change the light bar’s color with a switch’s flick or by pressing a button, depending on the model.

Performance Through Engineering

Starting with the industry-leading Cree® XPL LEDs for maximum performance and reliability for visible light; and LumiLEDs® Luxeon Series 940nm infrared LEDs, the TRX Series is a proven performer in the harshest environments. To maximize the effectiveness of every LED, TOMAR’s employs a hybrid TIR collimator optic design, rather than a reflector behind, which does not effectively capture the illuminating power of the LED.


  • Utilizes 940nm Infrared (IR) LED lights
  • TOMAR’s TRX Series 40" Dual-Color Infrared LED Light Bar is built to withstand the most demanding conditions with a rugged, shockproof, and waterproof design.
  • Internally-relayed switching and low-current control wires means no need to add vehicle relays to switches.
  • Our TR Series Lamps feature a special hard-coating process for increased ultraviolet (UV) and environmental protection, ensuring they are good-to-go regardless of where you use them.
  • Easy installation: All TRX Series light bars come with a universal mounting kit, making them easy to install on any vehicle.
  • Designed to decrease wind noise
  • SAE-J575 Vibration Tested
  • Features 8 Field-interchangeable lamp modules
  • Programmable flash patterns meet 50-state compliance
  • IP69K Rating for water and dust-proof components
  • Patented linear vibration welded light modules eliminate the need for failure-prone rubber sealing agent
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +60°C
  • Heavy-duty 6063-T5 Aluminum Heatsink for maximum intensity over long periods
  • Assembled in-house at TOMAR headquarters located in Gilbert, Arizona, USA.
    • White/Amber Flood: 85°
    • White/Amber Spot: 6.5°
    • IR Flood: 90°
    • IR Spot: 8.5°


  • Number of Modules: 8
  • Number of LEDs: 24
  • Configuration: Dual Color (White, IR, AMBER override)
  • Size: 40"
  • Max Amp Draw: 16.8
  • IR Amp Draw: .85 amps @ +12.8VDC per IR module .46 amps @ +24VDC per IR module

TOMAR TRX Dual-Color Infrared Line Functionality (White, IR, & Amber)

  • Group 1: All white LED lights steady burn
  • Group 2: All IR (940nm) LED lights steady burn
  • Group 3: All amber lights steady burn (all modules, override priority)
  • Group 4: All amber lighting flashing (all modules)
  • What is steady burn? Steady burn means that the light is always on, no flashing

Groundbreaking - IR and Visible light options from the same module

TOMAR's TR Series Lightbars with Infrared Technology are the first of their kind thanks to TOMAR's Tri-Mode™ capabilities. Only the combination of the solid-state internal control platform and waterproof modules of TOMAR's TR Series can give you immediate access to call on visible illumination, intense warning lights, and now: Invisible illumination through IR.

This third mode of TOMAR's TR Series significantly aids the effectiveness of Night Optical Devices (NOD's) such as Night Vision Goggles (NVG's). Secondary LED's allow the lightbar to perform with the capabilities of bars twice the length, providing mission flexibility and increased resources from a singular platform.


What is the The TOMAR Difference?

TOMAR manufacturers some of the longest lasting, highest performing automotive warning and illumination lighting in the industry. Some of the technology which sets TOMAR apart from the rest can be found in our patented T-Seal™ and performance-based Clear Vision Optics™.

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