6" TRX Series Recessed LED Lights

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TOMAR 6" TRX 970 Recessed Performance Scene Lighting has combined the intense illumination power of our 6inch inch TRX Off-Road Light Bar with a 13 degree angled-down optic and an attractive, flush mount bezel finished in white or black.

The result is an extremely bright and durable scene light for your apparatus, which runs on 12-24 volts and only draws 4.2 amps

Why Recessed Lighting

Ideal for embedding into both front and rear bumpers, these flange and recess mounts ensure your off-road scene lighting looks like it rolled off the factory floor. Extend this professional, built-in look to your toy hauler-type trailers for enhanced scene lighting that doesn't detract from the vehicle's design.

Please note that installation of these flush mounts requires some fabrication skills and tools. For vehicles like a Suburban, you may need to modify the bodywork to accommodate the recessed lights, ensuring a perfect fit and finish. Choose our flush mount lighting solutions for a sleek, integrated illumination upgrade that stands out while blending in.

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What is the The TOMAR Difference?

TOMAR manufacturers some of the longest lasting, highest performing automotive warning and illumination lighting in the industry. Some of the technology which sets TOMAR apart from the rest can be found in our patented T-Seal™ and performance-based Clear Vision Optics™.

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