67" Scorpion Series NFPA LED Light Bar w/o Preemption

  • This NFPA light bar does not come with TOMAR’S PREEMPTION EMITTER
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TOMAR’s 67″ Scorpion Series NFPA LED Light Bar w/o Preemption – is a reliable LED lighting solution for Firefighters, and Law Enforcement Officers. This 67″ LED light bar is designed to deliver unmatched performance and durability, ensuring you have the tools you need to keep yourself and others safe.

With our standardized NFPA Light Bars, OEMs and Upfitters alike can enjoy plug-and-play solutions for apparatus builds.

Making NFPA vehicles safer and more reliable, for all those affected

When it comes to ensuring emergency vehicle safety, simply increasing light output is not necessarily equivalent to increased safety. In fact, excessively bright lights can often increase scene chaos and decrease visibility.

That’s why we have integrated Clear Vision Optics in all our lightbars, ensuring that not only does our light output meet or exceed industry standards, but that the light is directed where it is needed most – down the road and away from the scene. This is just one of the ways that TOMAR is working to make NFPA warning solutions safer for both first responders and motorists.


TOMAR is committed to Clearing the Way for safer environments, by bringing tested and well-engineered products designed with safety above all else to the Fire-Fighting Community. TOMAR NFPA bars should be optimized for the application and use of large apparatus


First, TOMAR modified the programming to have two primary warning modes, instead of three: A mode for Calling for the Right of Way (“Calling” mode); and a mode for Blocking the Right of Way (“Blocking” mode).

In 2024, dual-rate warning systems will be a requirement of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) new vehicle standard – 1900.
Each of these modes is activated by a single trigger wire, which can also be progressive. This enables easy use of a park-kill (parking brake) feature to disable the Calling mode when the vehicle is on-scene, without the need for user-input. While the ability to have a third mode is present and can be programmed, out-of-the-box the third mode is set to “off”.

This NFPA light bar does not come with TOMAR’S PREEMPTION EMITTER

Key Features

  • NFPA Compliant: Complies with the latest standards set by the National Fire Protection Association, ensuring your equipment meets the highest safety standards. LED Technology: Energy-efficient and long-lasting, LED lights provide superior brightness and visibility, making it easier to navigate even in the darkest conditions.
  • TOMAR NFPA bars are standardized for installation and wiring and meet minimum NFPA standards for upper Zone A warning in both the Calling and Blocking modes.
  • Patented hermetically sealed modules which can be serviced in seconds – no need to take a truck out of service for weeks.
  • All-aluminum housing protects the optics and electronics from both the sun and debris.
  • Using TOMAR’s Clear Vision Optics, this LED lightbar optimizes Lumen output and reach, while reducing vertical stray light. Pattern and rate selection was key to optimizing the light-bar’s safety for NFPA-vehicle use.
  • Pre-programmed functions that are based on research and testing, and feedback from the Fire-Fighting Community.

Calling/Block Modes

Calling Mode
The lightbar transitions and repeats three distinct patterns:

  • Left/Right,
  • Inboard/Outboard
  • Alternating every-other module

From a distance, the change of pattern combined with the wide-sweeping alternation can more easily be seen by drivers, who are then alerted from further about an approaching emergency vehicle. The flash rate is set to 115 flashes per minute, meeting CA Title-13 compliance when used in conjunction with the optional CA-Steady trigger-wire.
Block Mode:
In this mode we slow down the flash rate of the pattern down to 75 flashes per minute, and reduced the number of patterns to a single Inboard/Outboard pattern.
This is used to accomplish bright, long-range warning, while eliminating the “strobe affect” which can be disorienting for first-responders and those around the vehicle on-scene.


Meets NFPA Standards
This configuration meets the NFPA requirements for light output, and is a cost-saving solution by eliminating excess electronics. This configuration only includes Warning Mode (Red/Blue)

Exceeds NFPA (without takedowns)
This configuration exceeds the NFPA requirements for light output, by fully populating all forward and side module locations with high-power LEDs. This option includes only warning lights no illumination.

Exceeds NFPA (fully populated & takedowns)
This configuration exceeds the NFPA requirements for light output, by fully populating all forward and side module locations with high-power LEDs. This option also includes takedown (illumination) spot-lights.

Dual Mode, Dual Color
This configuration can switch from NFPA Warning Mode (RED or RED/BLUE) to intense, bright white flood and spot lights to illuminate your scene forward and to the sides. This innovation gives you more light when you need it.




What is the The TOMAR Difference?

TOMAR manufacturers some of the longest lasting, highest performing automotive warning and illumination lighting in the industry. Some of the technology which sets TOMAR apart from the rest can be found in our patented T-Seal™ and performance-based Clear Vision Optics™.

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