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970 Series Mounting Kit

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Mounting Feet Kits that are designed to mount a 970 Black Widow or Scorpion Series LED Light bar to various universal applications.  These kits come complete with both left and right side feet, and hardware necessary to attach the selected feet.

Adjustable Mounting Feet

  • Adjustable mounting feet which allow for forward or rearward tilting of the 970 Lightbar for sloped mounting surfaces.  This allows the 970's horizontal plane to be corrected to parallel with the ground for optimal warning performance.

Flat Roof Permanent Mounting Feet

  • Provides mounting feet designed to mate to a flat surface, with two holes on each foot to secure lightbar to roof or other surface.

Flat Roof Permanent Mounting Feet (Extended Height)

  • This mounting kit is similar to the Flat Roof Permanent Mounting Feet Kit, but provides a steeper slope (35 degrees) to allow more clearance between the lightbar and roof to clear other hardware such as ICC lights or curved roofs. 

Standard Mounting Feet w/ Permanent Mounting Hardware

  • Standard mounting feet for the 970 Scorpion and Black Widow Lightbars, with hardware to permanently affix to roof if no vehicle-specific hook kit is specified.

Magnetic Mounting Feet

  • Magnetic Mounting Feet Kit for simple addition and removal of 970 Series to metallic ferrous roofs. Note: This kit should not be used on vehicles which travel at high speeds, as connection is not permanently established.

Freightliner Mounting Feet-970-FR-FRT

Rack Mounting Feet- 970-RACK

  • For securing a 970 Scorpion or Black Widow Lightbar to a single point, such as a headache-rack or other limited-sized mounting surface.  Consolidates the two mounting channels on the bottom of the lightbar to one.  

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