iLED™ Series Dual-Color LED Light

  • Emergency/Warning Auxiliary LED light
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Immerse yourself in a realm of superior safety and radiant illumination with the iLED™ Series Dual-Color LED Light. Excellently tough and elegantly designed, the iLED™ Dual-Color LED Light stands unparalleled in the field, offering the best solution for ensuring your safety, as well as that of your team's, under even the harshest lighting conditions. This versatile light is equally effective on both personal and tactical vehicles, altering the lighting landscape instead of just reacting to it. The iLED™ Dual-Color LED Light slices through darkness, supplying your team with an all-encompassing Envelope of Safety™.

Engineered with an innovative design, the iLED™ Dual-Color LED Light affords total control over your lighting needs. Customize the dual-color warning modes to sync with your main warning requirements, smoothly integrating with the built-in scene/work/alley override capability. Benefitting from our patented sealing technology, the guarantee of a waterproof lamp means light is directed exactly where it's essential, obviating the necessity for extra brackets. (US patent no. 8282242 & 8092044)

A pivotal member of the iLED™ series, the Dual-Color LED Light enhances safety with bold and distinct visibility. Skillfully designed to navigate through busy intersections confidently, this lighting solution guarantees safe and visible journeys. Whether mounted on a push bumper, license plate bracket, or anywhere else on the vehicle, the iLED™ Dual-Color LED Light serves as a lighthouse of safety. Opt for the elegant black or the sophisticated chrome bezel for a professional and refined look, making installation a breeze while amplifying your vehicle's aesthetics. The iLED™ Dual-Color LED Light is more than just a product—it's your ally in ensuring safety.


  • Color Customization: Choose from either sleek black or polished chrome bezels to suit your vehicle's aesthetic.
  • Extended Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year no-hassle warranty.
  • Patented Waterproof Design: The iLED™ series' unique patented sealing technology ensures a completely waterproof lamp, directing light precisely where you need it (US patent no. 8282242 & 8092044).
  • Industry Standards Compliant: Rigorously tested and found compliant with SAE and CA 13 regulations for your assurance of quality and safety.
  • Programmable Patterns and Flash Rates: Personalize your lighting environment with customizable patterns and flash rates, giving you complete control over your safety illumination.
  • Sync with other TOMAR products: Seamlessly integrate and synchronize the iLED™ Single Color LED Light with other TOMAR products for a comprehensive safety solution.
  • Utilizes TOMAR’s superior optical technology TOMAR’s optics are designed and engineered to maximize light output efficiently
  • Assembled in-house at TOMAR headquarters located in Gilbert, Arizona, USA.

When ordering Dual-Mode iLED’s, remember: the iLED can be set to four unique functions. You'll use the red, blue, combined red and blue, and white wires to set these. The white wire will only set a constant light, and it defaults to the last color you ordered (the second color on dual-color lamps and the third on tri-color lamps). If you're using the iLED for both Warning and Scene Light Functions, pick white as your last color. This makes programming quicker.

Vertical Or Horizontal

  • Vertical: The Vertical iLED light ensures high-visibility from any forward-facing perspective. This light cuts through the darkest night or heavy fog, providing optimum visibility. This upright position helps maximize illumination coverage in front of the vehicle, making it an ideal choice for urban environments.
  • Vertical 13° Angled: The Vertical 13° Angled model takes the advantages of the Vertical light and adds a 13-degree outward tilt. This angling casts the light slightly outward (away from the vehicle), making it more effective at illuminating areas away from the front of the vehicle. The 13-degree angle is optimal for highlighting potential hazards on the road surface, such as potholes or debris, that a straight-ahead light may miss.
  • Horizontal 13° Angled: Much like its Vertical counterpart, the Horizontal 13° Angled iLED light offers a unique blend of direct and diffused lighting. By angling the light slightly, it's possible to achieve a broader spread of illumination to the sides of the vehicle. This model is excellent for rural areas or open spaces, where wide visibility is key for spotting potential hazards at the roadside or across a wide area.
  • Horizontal: The Horizontal iLED light is perfect for providing a broad band of light across the horizon. This light setup allows for maximum visibility from side to side, helping to ensure that other drivers can see your vehicle from various angles. This layout is especially beneficial in areas with wide roads or expansive terrain, as well as situations where maximum lateral visibility is important.

Potential Uses

  • Fire Truck/Fire Engine apparatuses
  • Ambulances
  • Farm equipment (tractors/ work vehicles)
  • Mining equipment (off-highway/haul trucks)
  • Roadside towing equipment
  • Snow Plows
  • Work Trucks (Construction/Service Body Vehicles)


  • BLACK: Connect to GROUND
  • YELLOW: Sync/Enter Programming Mode/Pattern Select
  • RED: Mode 1 flash pattern
  • BLUE: Mode 2 flash pattern
  • RED & BLUE: Mode 3 flash pattern
  • WHITE: Steady Burn


  • Mode: 12.8 Vdc
  • Steady Blue: 0.75A
  • Steady Red: 0.57A
  • Steady White: 0.78A
  • Mode 1 default (neobe 150 phase 0, Red LED): 0.21A
  • Mode 2 default (neobe 75 phase 0, Blue LED): 0.28A
  • Mode 3 default (single 120 phase 0, White LED): 0.40A

NFPA 1901 Cumulative Lamp Totals Candela Seconds per Minute:

Color Single Double Neobe
Amber 225,870 112,935 158,109
Blue 200,520 100,260 140,364
Red 232,703 116,351 162,892
White 260,858 130,429 182,600




What is the The TOMAR Difference?

TOMAR manufacturers some of the longest lasting, highest performing automotive warning and illumination lighting in the industry. Some of the technology which sets TOMAR apart from the rest can be found in our patented T-Seal™ and performance-based Clear Vision Optics™.

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