R79 Revolution Multi-Function Warning Pair LED Light

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TOMAR’s pre-programmed R79 Revolution Series Warning "Pairs" LED Light is designed to be plug-and play lamp that meets SAE, NFPA 1901 and 1906, and CA-13 requirements for emergency vehicles. No more wiring headaches with TOMAR's Revolution Series "Pairs" pre-programmed lights!

Pairs Explained
The lamps are grouped in “pairs” by the end two digits. For example, a R79D-W-RW-01 and a R79D-W-RW-02 are opposite phases of each other. This means, when powered at the same time (such as the vehicle’s master emergency mode being activated), the lamps will flash at opposite timing. For dual-color lamps which have no “off” time, they flash opposite colors of each other. This makes installation of TOMAR’s warning lights simple, without the need programming.
See product options to select phase one or phase two

For dual-color lamps which have no “off” time, they flash opposite colors of each other.

Putting the light were it needs to go

TOMAR's Revolution Warning Series sets a new standard for innovative warning lights. Building upon the advanced features of the Revolution Series, TOMAR introduces clear vision optics that provide a distinct advantage in a NFPA or EMS/Triple K warning package.

By strategically directing the lumens away from the emergency vehicle and towards the road, this design enhances visibility for motorists while reducing night blindness and eyestrain for first responders operating in close proximity to the vehicle. By eliminating stray vertical warning light and focusing the lumens in a horizontal plane, TOMAR ensures that emergency warning lights are highly visible from a distance, prioritizing safety and effectiveness.


  • Utilizes TOMAR’s superior optical technology TOMAR’s optics are designed and engineered to maximize light output efficiently
  • SAE, NFPA 1901 and 1906, and CA-13 compliant
  • Customizable Color Options: Choose from single color or dual to match your specific requirements and preferences, allowing you to tailor the lighting to your needs. (see product options)
  • Optimal Light Output: The R79 features a wide-angle optical lens design, maximizing the light output and ensuring excellent visibility in all directions for enhanced safety and effectiveness.
  • Intelligent Programming or Control System Integration: Each lamp can be easily programmed as an intelligent lamp or seamlessly connected to an existing control system, providing you with flexible control options.
  • Easy Installation: The R79 is designed for surface mounting, eliminating the need for vehicle cutouts and making the installation process quick and hassle-free.
  • Sleek and Professional Appearance: Choose between chrome and black bezels to achieve a finished, professional look that adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle or equipment.
  • Meets CA Title 13: The R79 is compliant with CA Title 13 regulations, ensuring it meets the requirements for use on emergency vehicles in California.
  • No Hassle 5 Year Warranty: Enjoy the assurance of a no-hassle 5-year warranty, providing you with long-term protection and peace of mind for your investment.
  • Assembled in-house at TOMAR headquarters located in Gilbert, Arizona, USA.


  • Dimensions: 7.23w x 3.04h x 1.171d (18.59cm x 7.72cm x 2.97cm)
  • Bezel Outside Dimensions (R79-BZ/R79-BZ-B): 8.13” X 3.94”
  • Amp Draw: @12.8VDC
  • Warning Lamps
    • Single Color (50% Duty Cycle): 0.79 Amps
    • Dual Color (Both Colors Flashing – 100% Duty Cycle): 1.58 Amps
    • Split Color Lamps (50% Duty Cycle): 0.79 Amps

Wiring Details:

Internal Flasher (Smart Mode):

  • Red: Connect to Battery +12Vdc thru +24Vdc to activate
  • Black: Connect to Battery GROUND
  • Yellow: Sync Line
  • Blue: Alternate Flash Pattern

Direct Control:

  • Red: Connect to Battery +12Vdc thru +24Vdc to activate (Active Low Inputs Only)
  • Black: Connect to Battery GROUND (Active High Inputs Only)
  • Yellow: Side A or Color 1
  • Blue: Side B or Color 2

NFPA 1901 Cumulative Lamp Totals Candela Seconds per Minute (Warning Lights):

Model Single Double Neobe

R79L-W-A (Single Color)

969,975 484,988 678,983

R79L-W-B (Single Color)

701,325 350,663 490,928

R79L-W-R (Single Color)

897,675 448,838 628,373

R79L-W-W (Single Color)

2,286,150 1,143,075 1,600,305

R79LD-W-A (Dual-Color)

847,125 423,563 592,988

R79LD-W-B (Dual-Color)

540,675 270,338 378,473

R79LD-W-R (Dual-Color)

740,250 370,125 518,175

R79LD-W-W (Dual-Color)

1,719,999 860,000 1,203,999



What is the The TOMAR Difference?

TOMAR manufacturers some of the longest lasting, highest performing automotive warning and illumination lighting in the industry. Some of the technology which sets TOMAR apart from the rest can be found in our patented T-Seal™ and performance-based Clear Vision Optics™.

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