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BME Fire Trucks will always deliver the highest level of quality and safety with every apparatus manufactured

BME knows and IS Wildland

"TOMAR lighting has opened opportunities for us to explore a new level of functionality when it comes to traditional lighting packages. To be able to offer more capabilities to our customers enables us to create new end-user solutions. TOMAR's unique multi-function approach to lighting gives us more answers to our customers' requests that they want to use in the field.

Their design theory, complemented by the robust housings with exceptional lighting output makes for a solid product. Backed by excellent customer support and quick services, this has been an easy choice for us."
Matt Wright, Electrical Department Manager, BME Fire Trucks

Visit to see how BME and TOMAR partner to build the safest and highest performing apparatus in the Wildland Market.

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Starting with a vision at BME

Wildland Apparatus have unique missions, and encounter unique challenges from traditional fire-fighting. It took the vision of Wildland Fire Chiefs working with Boise Mobile Equipment to design a lighting package which was more suited for these remote locations.

In 2019, BME Fire unveiled the “Black and Red Demo” at FDIC and Firehouse World, and it stole the show. The Type 3, Model 34 Apparatus featured a new, advanced TOMAR Electronics Lighting Package, which was more streamlined and adaptable for Wildland Environments.

Today, departments continue to adapt these Wildland Lighting Packages, as they make the change from “standard” NFPA 1901 packages.

The Result of BME and TOMAR's Partnership

Incorporating TOMAR’s Dual-Mode Technology; TRX Off-Road Dual-Color Lightbars; and sturdy, sealed design; the outcome of the new Wildland Package was obvious at first sight.

The 360degree coverage of powerful white scene light, without the need for often-broken pole-lights, gave this package streamlined, rugged durability. The Scorpion or Black Widow Lightbar above the cab, with it’s extruded aluminum housing, added to the overall protection of the lights in the bush.

Type 3 Walk Around

We show how the Type 3 package designed with BME Fire Trucks utilizes materials and solutions hand-picked for the Wildland. From our aluminum light bars, designed to last with strength to endure the terrain you throw at them; to full surface-mounted, dual-mode lighting to prevent snags and damage while giving you more USABLE white-light. Watch and see the Type 3 in action.

TOMAR Wildland Warning and Scene Light Package on BME Type 3 Apparatus with Dual-Mode Lighting

Every light TOMAR manufacturers is sealed from air, moisture, and dust through a TOMAR-Patented Vibration-Weld. This means no lights TOMAR manufactures need rubber or silicon gaskets to seal them. This is a significant increase to reliability, and decrease in costs both initially and over the life of the apparatus. Next, TOMAR’s Optics are more efficient. We employ custom designs which make more effective use of the LED’s Lumens. It also means putting the light where it’s meant to go. Finally, TOMAR delivers lights that not only meet NFPA requirements, but work as hard as you do. When flashing warning lights are no longer needed, such as remote, wild-land environments, TOMAR warning lights can double as bright, effective, additional work or scene lights using our Dual-Mode Technology.

Learn About TOMAR's Wildland Products

When traditional firefighting meets off-road, your job not only gets more demanding, but more dangerous. TOMAR offer unique solutions used by local and federal agencies to provide more reliable, more capable lighting when you need it the most.

With TOMAR’s Wildland Packages, you can turn virtually every red or blue warning light into what you need most in the brush…powerful white light.