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By Kolby Ashby Sutphen


Sutphen is "Strong, Stable, and Committed to the Fire Service since 1890."

Bringing strength on every call

Adapting a philosophy typically reserved for Wildland Fire Apparatus, Chiefs who built new Pumpers and Ladders with Sutphen opted to use TOMAR’s new Dual-Mode Lighting Technology, to help their crews respond and remain safer on scene.

With the ability to transform a selected side of the apparatus from standard scene and warning, to all no-flash scene lighting, this unique addition reduces distraction and the associated effects from exposure to strobing lights. It also increases scene visibility, by adding horizontally-firing scene lighting in addition to the standard downward-firing scene lighting.

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Fire Trucks

Building the future

To add these features only TOMAR is capable of, a spec was created of pre-programmed lamps and lightbars, to give Sutphen the ability to incorporate Dual-Mode without lengthy programming. Every light shipped from our Gilbert, Arizona manufacturing facility are ready to be installed and fired-up.

The Result of Sutphen's and TOMAR's Partnership

Incorporating TOMAR’s Dual-Mode Technology, this Sutphen SL75 Aerial Ladder was featured at FDIC 2021, and brought innovation and safety to an already incredible platform.

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Dual Mode Lighting

Dual-mode, Not just Dual-Color

When specifying your next apparatus/fire truck, rescue, or ambulance, make sure your technology is working as hard as you do.

TOMAR’s Dual-Mode Lighting Technology is like you, adaptable. When we say Dual-Mode, we mean a lamp which is designed to perform different tasks, depending on its environment. Every scene is different, and some emergencies such as wildfires, don’t always have a defined scene area.

However, the task of making a warning light also a scene light is challenging. Most times, warning lights can’t handle sustained heat caused by the LED’s staying on, and reduce their intensity so they don’t burn out. TOMAR solves this with a patented process of sealing our lamps which incorporates efficient thermal material to help negate these negative effects caused by heat. This is just one more part of our engineering process which makes TOMAR’s lights uniquely adaptable – like you.

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