55" 937 Revolution LED Lightbar - Night Blaze Edition™

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55" 937 Night Blaze Edition™ LED Light Bar is a emergency/warning LED light bar that is designed to keep Firefighters, EMTs and Law Enforcement Officers safe while on the road and while they are on scene. Utilizing TOMAR’s Clear Vision Optics™, this light bar delivers sharp, focused light beams that cut through darkness and poor weather, significantly improving the ability to operate safely and efficiently in emergency situations.

  • Dual-Mode™ Technology: Seamlessly transition warning lights to powerful area lighting, ensuring optimal visibility in every situation – especially the Wildland where white light is needed more than flashing warning lights.
  • Clear Vision Optics™: Experience unmatched light output precision of an available 27,000,000+ Candela Seconds/Minute in Clearing the Right of Way Mode, enhancing visibility and reaction times while keeping the focus of light out of your eyes when working around the apparatus.
  • Dimming & Calming Patterns: Offers adjustable light intensity and patterns to mitigate scene chaos, providing a more controlled and safer environment in Blocking the Right of Way Mode.
  • BIBBS™ - Built-In-Brow Bar System: An industry-first design offering downward scene lighting integrated into the front of the light bar for unparalleled scene illumination without the need for extra components.
  • Built as strong as you are: Exoskeleton-style extrusion built from 6063 T-5 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy to have the strength to endure no matter what you throw at it.
  • Waterproof, Modular Design: Engineered for the most demanding environments, ensuring consistent performance in any condition.
  • Envelope of Safety®: The only manufacturer to offer a full preemption system, including the option to add TOMAR's 2,500+ feet STROBECOM II Emitter for safer intersection crossings, instant access to automatic gates with STROBESWITCH, and rapid response capabilities.
  • Easy Maintenance: Designed with minimal downtime in mind, lamp replacement and maintenance can be performed in minutes, ensuring that your fleet is always in peak operational readiness.
  • Potted Controller & Waterproof Internal Connectors: Ensures that the electrical components remain secure and operational in any weather conditions.
  • Universal Wiring: The 937’s internal controller utilizes non-proprietary low-voltage control wires, meaning universal control panels or switches can operate all functions of the light bar.

NFPA Features

  • Set to NFPA Standards right out of the box: No programming or laptop needed! Plug and play programming allows TOMAR’s standard NFPA flash patterns for both Clearing and Blocking the Right of Way right out of the box. We even included a NFPA 1900 required park-kill sensor wire which deactivates response mode with flashing white light and optional preemption emitter.
  • NFPA 1900 and 50-State Compliant: This bar can operate to meet both the standards set forth by both NFPA 1900 Chapter 10.7 for Optical Warning Devices and California Title 13 CHP 884 Vehicular Code 25252 for Authorized Emergency Vehicles.


  • Finish: Black anodized finish
  • Length (in): 55"
  • Number of Front-Facing Modules: 7 Modules

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