TR Series Infrared Replacement Modules

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TR Series Replacement Infrared (IR) Lamps - Single or Dual-Color; or Dual-Mode™

These replacement modules for the TRX, TRT, and TRM Lightbars are direct replacements to your existing lamps.  By using the product catalog number located on the decal on the top or bottom of your lamp, you can select the exact lamp originally fitted to your bar for replacement.  

Groundbreaking - IR and Visible light options from the same module

TOMAR's TR Series Lightbars with Infrared Technology are the first of their kind thanks to TOMAR's Tri-Mode™ capabilities.  Only the combination of the solid-state internal control platform and waterproof modules of TOMAR's TR Series can give you immediate access to call on visible illumination, intense warning lights, and now: Invisible illumination through IR. 

This third mode of TOMAR's TR Series significantly aids the effectiveness of Night Optical Devices (NOD's) such as Night Vision Goggles (NVG's).  Secondary LED's allow the lightbar to perform with the capabilities of bars twice the length, providing mission flexibility and increased resources from a singular platform.

Our TR Series Lamps feature a special hard-coating process for increased ultraviolet (UV) and environmental protection, ensuring they are good-to-go regardless of where you use them.

Key Features

  • Direct replacement to existing module
  • 3 High-Power, High-Intensity 940 nanometer (nm) Inrared IR LED's with an optional additional 6 high-intensity LED's as a secondary color (secondary illumination or warning light)
  • TOMAR's Clear Vision Optics™
  • Optically-clear Lexan lens
  • Waterproof quick-connectors
  • TOMAR T-Seal™ linear-vibration waterproof seal
  • IP67 and IP69K intrusion protection against water and dust 
  • Fits TRX, TRT, or TRM Lightbars as replacement modules

Unparalleled Strength - Even for Replacement Parts

Lexan light modules fused to polycarbonate thermal bases creates unprecedented strength in design. We use a patented linear vibration welding process we call T-Seal™ to hermetically seal each individual module to ensure their electrical components are dust and waterproof. Each module uses our Clear Vision Optics™ which feature a hybrid Total Internal Reflector (TIR) collimator to collect more of the LED’s lumens and direct them where they are indented to go.


What is the The TOMAR Difference?

TOMAR manufacturers some of the longest lasting, highest performing automotive warning and illumination lighting in the industry. Some of the technology which sets TOMAR apart from the rest can be found in our patented T-Seal™ and performance-based Clear Vision Optics™.

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